Web Engineering: Homework 1:

Answer the following questions, place your answers in the D2L drop box.

  1. Explain issues that a Internet-based application faces that a desktop application does not have.

  2. In the layered network model we have the physical/link layer, the network layer (IP) , and the transport layer (TCP).  These are all used on the Internet to carry the HTTP payload.  How does the HTTP protocol work?

  3. What is a DNS lookup and describe by example what happens.  Similar to what we did in class.

  4. How do routers know where to route incoming packets.  And you can't just say they look it up in a routing table.

  5. How can one IP address host several distinct domains?  How does the web server know which to serve up when all the requests are coming to the same IP?

Answer these questions like assuming the reader knows nothing about the internet.