Web Engineering Project:

Milestone #1: Conceptualization Document

DUE: 2/17

Milestone #2: Analysis Document

DUE: 3/5

Milestone #2.5: Risk Analysis Document

DUE: 3/20

Milestone #3: Design Document

DUE: 3/9

Milestone #4: Produce the web site

DUE: 4/19

Milestone #5: Test your product

Due: 4/26

Milestone #6: Deliver to customer

Due: 4/28

Sample Use Cases:


Home Page


Home page for the web site


The system displays a logo and navigation system. The home page must be named index.php. Failure to do so will result in a loss of marks.
The home page should contain some select additional content, such as featured artist, hot paintings, etc. If you want to impress the teacher, you might even make use of some type of jquery-based painting or artist slide show. First impressions count so make your home page sexy!




The web site's navigation system.


The system must provide a way to navigate to different sections of the site. There needs to be a way to view the following use cases anywhere in the site: Home Page, Browse Paintings, Search, Login/Logout, and About Us.
The system should have a secondary navigation system that displays genres and artists. The users can then click on a genre and go to the Painting Search Results use case/page or click on an artist and go to the appropriate Display Single Artist use case/page.


About Us


Display information about this site


The system will display information about this site. Be sure to mention that this site is hypothetical and was created as a term project for COMP 1511 at Mount Royal University taught by Randy Connolly or Arne Grimstrup. As well, be sure to list the group member names and roughly the parts of the project each member implemented.



Example of Connecting using: SFTP

Port: 22

SFTP Address: sftp://cslab100.cs.edinboro.edu

Username: CS Username

Password: CS Password

Root Directory: /home/csci423/201520/team_fowler/public_html

Web URL:http://csci423.cs.edinboro.edu/~team_fowler

In order to use the Database through phpMyAdmin use this information

Web URL:http://csci423.cs.edinboro.edu/phpMyAdmin

Username: CS Username

Password: mmddyy (Your Birthday)