Edinboro Potterfest
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Ravenclaw Educators' Workshop


James Howells has been a fourth grade teacher of math and science at Springfield Elementary for 14 years. He lives in Springfield with his wife and five children. His hobbies are many and include soccer, acting, and fossil hunting. He has done theater at the Erie Playhouse and has done writing for some local commercials. He directs a yearly youth theater production as well as teaches youth theater classes in the summer…when he has time!

Mr. Howells is actually second cousin on his mother’s side to the now famous Arthur Weasley. He shares his cousin’s love of muggle studies and has been under cover in the muggle world for the past 20 years teaching muggle children. Mr. Howells theorizes that muggle children are ALL born magical and slowly lose this magic over time (perhaps to a strange device muggles call, “diapers,” devices they put on their infants too…Well, it is just a little too disgusting to tell you what they are actually used for…so we won’t…but let’s just say it’s really gross and there is nothing magical about them at all!) Without breaking Wizarding laws, Mr. Howells endeavors to show muggle children that magical things are all around them in the areas of science, imagination, math, and literature…His hope is that children everywhere can grow up and enjoy the magical worlds of their imagination regardless of their bloodline.

Through the Pensive: Participants will be engaged in 3 interactive segments entitled, Potions, Divination, and Transfiguration. Opportunities to experience a brief look at read alouds, along with demonstration tips and pointers for bringing story characters alive will be provided. Magic tricks and acting exercises will help participants in their quest to amaze friends and family.