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Internship in Computer Science

Internship Course Information

Course Description

The Internship in Computer Science is intended to give the student an opportunity for on-the-job experience in their field of study. The internship shall incorporate meaningful productive experience usually during the senior year. Time spent and nature of the experience is usually under the control of the local agency and is used in the determination of the amount of credit obtained. In addition to the hours spent on the job, the student shall also be responsible to their faculty internship supervisor.

Prerequisite: Permission to enroll in Internship is granted by the Internship Coordinator & Department Dean through the approved application process. Send me an email if you are interested in applying for internship anytime in the next 2 semesters.

Course Objectives
  • Students will improve their skills in one or more areas in computer science areas: networking, database design, web development, programming, hardware design, systems analysis, software engineering, etc.
  • Students will develop professional skills including: written and oral communication, individual and team work skills, and time management
  • Students will be responsible for maintaining a daily journal which logs professional activities
  • Students will create a written summary of their internship experience
Internship Preparation Steps

CS Internship Procedures and Guidelines

Step 1:

Meet with your advisor to determine when you will be ready for internship

    CS Internship:
    • Check the course requirements – completion of CSCI130 and 12 credits CSCI 200-level or higher
    • Check the GPA requirements – 2.0 overall & 2.5 in CSCI required core for BSCS (125, 130, 230, 277, 312, 330, 385)
    • *CSCI required core for ASCS (130, 207, 230, 280, 313)

Step 2:

Complete the CS Department Internship Application & submit it to your advisor for approval

Step 3:

Create your resume & cover letter

Step 4:

Find an internship site & prepare for the interview

Step 5:

Once you secure an internship site

  • Request that your supervisor email me your job duties, internship dates, daily hours, pay (if applicable), and the sites address and contact information

Step 6:

Registering for internship credit

  • When adding courses to your schedule via SCOTS – register for the dept field value “intent to schedule” and select the appropriate credits. This will be added to your schedule and includes you as a matriculated student for that semester or summer session. The “intent to schedule” will eventually become CSCI496 – double check the credits are correct once this change takes place.
SCOTS Intent SCOTS Intent Add

Step 7:

Complete the Edinboro University Internship Application

Step 8:

During internship/Course requirements

    The following are required components of the internship experience. Failure to submit any of the following (or late submission) is sufficient to receive an unsatisfactory grade for the internship. All items should be submitted to the D2L course shell adhering to the required format/style as I have outlined below:
  • Daily Log:
    • Each student will keep a log of daily activities. Although each day’s entry can be brief; proper grammar, punctuation, and spelling are imperative. Each time the log is submitted it should include from the first day of work forward. Each day should indicate the date, total hours worked that day and a running total from the beginning of the internship (see accepted format). You are required to submit your log file three times. Each time it should be the complete log to date using the accepted format ONLY.

    • Submit: Entire log file to D2L dropbox (Use the format shown here)
      Log Due Dates: Sept 1, Oct 1, Nov 1 (and at the end of internship)

  • Internship Portfolio:
    • At the end of the internship you are required to submit a summary of your internship experience.

    • The requirements for the portfolio can be found: requirements handout

      Submit: Portfolio adhering to the required style to D2L dropbox
      Portfolio Due Date: Dec 1

  • Capstone Survey:
    • At the end of the internship you are required to submit a capstone survey. You are excused from completing this survey if you already completed it in another CS capstone course.

    • The survey can be found: capstone survey

      Submit: Capstone Survey to D2L dropbox
      Survey Due Date: Dec 1

  • Visits:
    • I will contact you and your supervisor for visits during the Internship. Depending on your credits and distance from Edinboro this may be a skype visit, phone call or a face to face visit.

  • Evaluation:
    • Your supervisor is required to complete an Intern evaluation when the internship is complete.

  • Students who complete all of the above requirements in a satisfactory fashion will receive a satisfactory grade. Failure to submit any of the required materials in a satisfactory fashion (or within the deadline) may result in an unsatisfactory grade for the internship experience.

    Additional Notes:
    • YOU MUST CHECK your EUP email regularly - this will be the best way for me to communicate with you regarding visits, log files and other internship related items.
    • You are responsible for your own transportation to and from work.
    • You are responsible for any insurance coverage that may be necessary for the internship experience.
    • You must successfully complete 37.5 hours of work for each credit of CSCI 496 that you are registered.
    • You must inform your supervisor if you are not going to be at work for any reason.
    • You must act like a professional at all times. If there is a problem with another employee or other work-related issue, inform your supervisor.
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